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SN 1329. This is a very fine orig example of the standard production Confederate contracted LeMat grape-shot revolver retaining much original finish. Standard production Paris guns, often called 2nd Models, feature improvements made by LeMat that worked the best after lots of service in the field by Confederates in the field reporting problems in the early Civil War years, including Colt style ratchet system to turn cyl. The revolver has the distinctive LeMat 9-shot cyl. 42 caliber rifled bbl with smooth bore ‘grape-shot’ 18 ga bbl for firing buckshot. The top bbl flat is marked “Col. LeMat Bte s.g.d.g. Paris” which is the typical address on LeMat standard production guns. In Wiley Sword’s text Firepower From Abroad he notes that probably only the first 1450 LeMats made it to the Confederacy in time for the Gettysburg Campaign. If that is the case this would have been one of the last shipments to make it through blockade for the major 1863 and 1864 Campaigns of the Civil War. LeMat revolvers were prized by their Confederate owners (and Yankee capturers too). Many notable Confederate Generals and Officers were known to have carried these unique weapons as noted by General Beauregard’s and General Lewis’s sold also in this sale. In Charles Frazier’s 1997 National Book Awards winning Cold Mountain the book’s hero Inman proudly owned a pair of LeMat revolvers showing how well known this particular revolver is among modern culture. this is very fine example, all matching with fine aesthetics and a beautiful Confederate grape-shot revolver. CONDITION: Very Fine overall, original bright blue finish is retained on about 30% of gun, especially good on cylinder and loading arm, and most protected areas, balance of surface is mottled plum/gray with some staining, scratches and other minor cosmetic blemishes. Gun appears 100% original with minor exception of professionally restored right ear of hammer (11x3mm). All screws appear original and mostly unturned. Matching SN 1329 was found on bbl, shotgun bbl, loading arm, plunger, cleaning rod, cylinder, frame, trigger, each grip and grip screw. Mechanically revolver functions well, crisp action, bright well discerned shotgun and rifled bores. 50161-1 JS (25,000-35,000) – Lot 2219

Auction: Firearms - March 2016
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