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SN 26087. Cal. 8 MM Lebel. 22-1/4″ bbl. Six-pointed star arsenal marking and typical “SIDARME” and “C.S.R.G.” French designation markings and SN on left side of receiver. This weapon also has “SA” within a square on left side of receiver indicating that not only was this gun used in WW I by the French, but that after the war it was one of the guns sold to Finland, and taken into Finnish service. When the French modernized their military equipment many such arms were sold to Finland and other countries after WW I to the delight of French government. Includes one orig magazine which is also marked with “SA” within a square. SNs match between upper and lower assemblies. Bi-pod employs properly. Mechanism moves very smoothly when operated by hand. This weapon appears fully functional. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance extremely fine with about 90% of a black paint finish remaining on upper assembly and bi-pod with lower retaining about the same percentage of orig blue finish. Magazine is almost devoid of its orig finish and has turned a pleasing gray patina. Cocking handle also a pleasing gray patina. All screw slots exhibit damage. Wood is actually fine and very solid and serviceable, about the best this cataloger has seen. Bolt is near excellent, shiny and bright. Although the Chauchat gets a great deal of bad press as a poor machine gun or one that does not operate well, this stems largely from the American experience of an inadequate redesign to fire 30-06 combined with the fact that there are a number of poor condition and also, let’s face it, poorly manufactured specimens extent. Americans were taught to keep their bodies in a direct line behind rifles when shooting them, and doing this with the Chauchat results in a very uncomfortable experience. The body at a 45 degree angle when firing is much better. Also, orig ammunition for these guns has been very susceptible to deterioration over the years. There are specimens of this model and caliber that when fired using properly loaded modern made ammunition run just great. We fired exactly 100 rounds out of this specimen at the range in September of this year and had no stoppages or problems whatsoever. Can’t ask for any better than that. 49651-6 JWK51 C&R (3,000-5,000) – Lot 3767


Auction: Firearms - October 2015
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