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Revised: 3/19/2018 

Please Note: 1) Magnificent addition: Consignor found and has provided an original C.E. JUNCKER mfg machine gunners badge. This is an extremely difficult find collector’s piece. 2) Please Note: There is a typographical error. The estimate should be $15,000-$20,000. In addition, the Finnish steel 7.62 Russian belt loading machine is not included with this lot.


SN 5461. Cal. 7.62x54R. 33″ bbl with flash hider. This attractive MG-08 Maxim was originally mfg by DWM Berlin in 1918. SN’s match on water jacket, top cover, left sideplate, fusee cover, and optic sight bracket. Gun has been registered by Charles Erb and left sideplate sports his bullet logo address below the fusee cover. Gun has been professionally converted to 7.62 Russian by adapting a Russian feed block, bolt, and charging handle, cross head and bbl. Cyrillic markings visible on cross head, charging handle and on top of feed block surface which has been renumbered to “12A”. Included with this lot is an original WWI Swiss tripod SN 7593 with trunnion adapter for MG-08, camouflaged “ear cutout” M-18 helmet with post-war replacement liner and chin strap, four Russian-style ammunition belt boxes; three with empty Finnish belt’s and one with steel cased 7.62 Russian ammo. Also included is one steel tabbed Russian cloth belt. Also a Finnish steel 7.62 Russian belt loading machine in its can and a camouflaged painted water can. Gun has a reproduction muzzle plate with Imperial proofed muzzle and bearing. Steam hose brass fitting at front of water jacket is a post-war replacement. The top cover extractor assist springs are replacements, with the heads of the attachment screws visible on top cover. Water jacket fill cap chain is present however, wooden/hard rubber thumb piece is not present. Seven crates of 7.62 x 54 Russian ammo in sealed tins (approx 6200 rounds) are included with this lot. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This item is fully transferable on an ATF Form 3 or Form 4. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is very fine as refinished over light pitting on top cover, rear sight bracket, top and sides of fusee cover as well as to a lesser degree on both side plates. Water jacket is an attractive olive green with a couple of very small dings and some scratches and handling marks. Fusee cover has also taken a slight ding at the high edge parallel to the front feed block. Feed block actuator arm exhibits some plum color from heat treating upon rework. It is interesting to note that the feed block was adapted by welding an approx 3/8″ spacer plate on the front of the feed block. This cataloger has seen such conversions before. Back plate handles have somewhat more moderate pitting underneath the refinish and handles have been restored to be completely serviceable. Tripod is in outstanding condition, hardly used. Mechanics are fine. Bore is fine with sharp grooves and bright rifling. Belt loading machine is in very fine condition with crisp mechanics. Both helmet and water can exhibit an attractive camouflage pattern of correct period color and pattern. However, it is unlikely in this cataloger’s opinion that this is vintage WWI paint. The MG-08 Maxim was the ultimate well-made machine gun made on a large scale for WWI. Beautifully machined and fitted. It is always an attention getter at the range. This specimen, converted to 7.62 Russian is particularly popular as the 7.62 Russian ammunition is still readily obtainable at a relatively reasonable price. Add to this that this gun utilizes Russian, or Finnish metal or cloth belts, and you have one very attractive ensemble. 52001-1 JWK (12,000-18,000) – Lot 1014

Auction: Firearms - Spring 2018
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