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SN 10646. Cal. 7.62 Russian, 8mm Mauser, and .303 British. 30-1/4″ bbl. This is a 1952 Australian manufactured smooth jacket Vickers machine gun assembled onto a Colt Vickers sideplate. In addition to the orig .303 parts with bbl non-matching, also included is a bbl, feed block, and extractor adapted to fire 7.62 Russian, as well as another bbl, feed block, and extractor to fire 8mm Mauser. Also included is an orig optical sight bracket attached to left side of gun, clamp on windage sight in case, gunner’s tool box with spare trigger bar, actuating thumb piece, orig shorter back plate retention bolts for use when sight bracket not employeed, spanner, fuzee spring tension measuring tool, and very distinctive bulbous flash hider casing. Additionally a green upright water can, an orig red steam hose, 8mm Mauser aluminum belt, steel Russian belt, and brass tabbed green cloth .303 Vickers belt. Also an orig Vickers transit chest and WWII era brass headed tri-pod, complete with sight graduation disk. External SN’s not matching. 7.62 Russian feed block is an adapted steel feed block SN A2641 with hand inscribed “7.62 x 54R” clearly visible at top. 8mm feed block also of steel and orig factory marked “CAL 7.9”. 8mm bbl manufactured by FN with Belgian proofs marked 7.9mm “B. Blindee” which is appropriate. Extractor for the 8 mm bbl has a circle enclosing and R proof mark at bottom. .303 British feed block is Australian, made of brass. .303 extractor is also standard Australian manufacture. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval for transfer. This item is fully transferable on an ATF form 3 or 4 as Curio & Relic eligible. CONDITION: Overall appearance extremely fine mixture of orig and refinished parts on gun proper, upon remanufacture. Markings extremely clear with VSM marked fuzee cover. Extremely attractive green painted water jacket. Optical sight bracket rates good, mostly a gray patina with scattered areas of light pitting. 7.62 Russian feed block fair in terms of very little orig finish remaining but also a pleasing gray patina turning brown in some areas. Mechanics are crisp and positive. All bores are fine with strong rifling, bright bore with minor pitting. Muzzle shows evidence of firing with green verdigris. 8mm bbl has fair exterior bluing remaining mostly a gray patina. .303 bbl exterior finish very fine. Both belts are complete, cloth belt has seen very little use if any. Aluminum belt shows evidence of use with leather lead in tab intact. Gunner’s chest and transit chest in fine condition as is water can. The Vickers machine gun is one of the most versatile of the water cooled machine guns as there are so many different calibers it can be adapted to. They are reliable and exceedingly durable making them one of the more popular of the early belt fed machine guns. This specimen is in great condition with the parts necessary to fire multiple calibers. A very attractive piece and eligible for transfer directly to a Curio & Relics license holder with BATF approval. 52526-1 JWK (15,000-20,000) C&R – Lot 2112

Auction: Firearms - October 2017
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