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Please Note: At one time there was a bulge in the barrel near the magazine retaining band which has been professionally restored.


1) WINCHESTER 1873 1 of 1000. SN 6594. Cal. 44 WCF (44-40). Certainly one of the best known and one of the highest condition Model 1 of 1000 Winchester rifles extant. This rifle has absolutely documented history from 1935 to the present day having been purchased from the Iver Johnson Sporting Goods Co. in Boston by renowned old-time collector, the late Fred F.P. Mills who kept it until his death in 1962. The rifle passed through a number of equally renowned collections, all listed below under provenance. This rifle has 24-1/4″ oct bbl, full magazine, gold washed Beach’s combination front sight, early style, short semi-buckhorn rear sight with V-notch & checkered edges & a thick base sporting tang sight with 4″ staff and early style thumb screw with fine knurled edge. Top flat of the bbl has the 2-line Winchester & King’s address & patents forward of the rear sight and “1 of 1000” engraved over the chamber area. Receiver is first type with mortised dust cover rails containing a 2nd type dust cover with impressed checkered thumbprint. Receiver also has single set trigger. Mounted with extraordinary, highly figured, flame grain, about 3-4X American walnut with H-style checkered forearm and black insert serpentine grip buttstock with smooth steel shotgun buttplate. Left side of the lower tang, under the wood is marked with the assembly no. “394” & “XXX”. Matching assembly no. is also found inside top tang channel of buttstock. Bottom of the stock & forend cap are fitted with factory sling swivels. Inside each sideplate is numbered “594”, obviously an assemblers mistake. The left side of the lever, inside the action is numbered “5561” also apparently an assembly or serial number. At the time of manufacture of this rifle, 1875, very few pistol grip 1873 arms were being produced. Since they required a special curved lever to accommodate the pistol grip stock they were apparently numbered to an order. This rifle was featured as item # 688 in the Jackson Arms catalog #22 of 1965 and is pictured on the back cover. This rifle was one of the first twenty 1 of 1000 rifles identified to Universal Studios in 1950 when they were doing publicity for their upcoming Jimmy Stewart movie Winchester ’73 and awarded each of those first 20 rifle owners with a new Winchester Model ’94 carbine. The carbine that was awarded to Mr. Mills at that time, serial # 1674643 accompanies this rifle. Very few of those modern ’94 carbines remain with their original 1 of 1000 rifles today, possibly only 2 or 3. This rifle has been the subject of articles in various publications over the years and is accompanied by a large volume of provenance and correspondence including several letters from renowned historian, author and dealer, the late Eric Vaule to the current consignor. Also accompanying is a copy of a Cody Firearms Museum letter which identifies this rifle with oct bbl, set trigger, XXX checkered stock, Peep & Beach sights, sling & swivel, case hardened, One of One Thousand, received in the warehouse July 30, 1875 and shipped the same day to order no. 3745. Additionally accompanied by a 3-page letter from renowned author, researcher and historian, the late R.L. Wilson who details some of the above information and discusses where this rifle will appear in his forthcoming publications. Also accompanying is a copy of a letter from Steve Hannagan to Olin Industries discussing Model 1 of 1000 rifles and stating that out of a total production of 720,610 Model 1873 arms there were only 135 produced as 1 of 1000. Additionally accompanying is a hand written note over the signature of renowned collector, the late Eldon J. Owens of Claremont, NH, wherein he states that he purchased both of these rifles, identified by SN, from the Fred Mills estate. Further accompanied by old black & white photos of Mr. Mills and another gentlemen holding this rifle. Finally accompanied by a 6-1/2 page, on legal sized paper listing of the Frederick P.L. Mills Firearms collection, this rifle is item # 68 on that list. This rifle is pictured in color on pages 31-32 of The Story of Winchester 1 of 1000 and 1 of 100 Rifles, Lewis. A deluxe slip-cover copy of this publication accompanies this rifle. It is also mentioned on page 65 of Winchester the Golden Age of Gunmaking and the Winchester 1 of 1000, Wilson. This is one of the more important and best documented 1 of 1000 rifles to come to market in recent history and certainly one of the most high conditioned rifles. PROVENANCE: Iver Johnson Sporting Goods – 1935; Fred P. L. Mills – 1935-1962; Eldon Owens – 1962; Jackson Arms – 1965; Bobby C. Burns – 1965-1993; Paul Sorrell & Mike Clark – 1993; David Bichrist – 1993; Leon Budginas- 1993; Jack Lewis, Jr. – 1996; Leigh Evans; Eric Vaule – 2003; Bert Jolicoeur – 2004. CONDITION: Very fine, numbers as noted above. Bbl retains about 80% strong orig blue with the balance a medium brown patina, all toward the muzzle. Magazine tube retains about the same amount of blue, also turned brown at the muzzle end. Both magazine tube & bbl have a few small scattered spots of pitting. Receiver, side plates & dust cover retain about 80% orig case colors, strong & bright in sheltered areas faded elsewhere, turned silver over the receiver ring & bottom front edge. Hammer retains strong case colors, turned gray on the spur. Lever retains case colors in sheltered areas, mostly turned gray/brown. Forend cap retains most of its orig case colors, moderately to heavily faded. Buttplate is a cleaned metal patina with fine pitting. Wood is sound with a few light handling & storage nicks & scratches and retains most of a fine old restored finish. Mechanics are crisp, bright shiny bore with a few scattered spots of pitting. Tang sight is mostly a blue/brown patina. 2) WINCHESTER 94. SN 1674643. Original Universal Studios prize ’94 carbine. CONDITION: Carbine is extremely fine, appears to be unfired retaining virtually all of its orig factory finish with a few minor scratches on the wood and a couple more on the receiver. Sight hood is missing. 52651-1, 52651-4 JRL (250,000-400,000) – Lot 1026

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