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SN 5017B. Cal. 8mm. 24″ bbl. Typical specimen of the MG34 machine gun. Visible numbers non matching as is often found in the years after WWII when these guns were imported and later sold in America the practice was too dissemble the guns upon arrival and puts parts of a kind in different bins. When someone wanted to order a complete gun, parts were simply pulled from each bin at random to assemble a gun and then send it along to the new owner. Shroud top cover, buffer and buffer cup all are different numbers from each other. Bipod is of the adjustable leg type as is spare included in this lot. Shroud is marked “DOT1945” with Israeli proof marks. Buttstock also is of Israeli manufacture. Handgrip assembly has black enamel white metal grip panels. Forward end of bottom of receiver shows heat discoloration indicating that this gun may have been at one time deactivated. Gun is mismatched however bolt travels smoothly within receiver and locks appropriately. Both bbl in gun and one spare bbl are Israeli bbls. Third bbl is Nazi proofed dated 1939 SN 3344A. Other accessories include: non matching top cover, bolt, bipod, feed tray, Israeli carrying handle, buffer, buffer cup, Israeli wooden buttstock, pressed paper gunners kit box (with oiler, post war wrench, cartridge case removal tool), six contemporary belt segments, ammo box, & post war belt loading machine. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval for transfer. This item is fully transferable on an ATF form 3 or 4 as Curio and Relic eligible. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is very good with about 80% finish thinning to a grey patina on muzzle, bearing, and booster and also on buffer. Shroud has more of a grey patina as opposed to the bipod and receiver which has more of a darker finish. Top cover without Nazi proofs #6284 has more of a rough grey finish with grease still in the actuating lever. Grip panels have some noticeable scuffing but at still complete and serviceable. Wooded buttstock has 2-1/2″ crack on left side parallel to the bore line which could be repaired. Mechanics are fine. Very good bore in both Israeli bbls. Nazi marked bbl has poor uncleaned bore with some surface corrosion and green verdigris at the muzzle. The MG34 saw service throughout the entire duration of WWII being used in vehicle applications after the advent of it’s successor, the MG42. It is popular with collectors as a milled steel machine gun. 52939-32 JWK (18,000-25,000) C&R – Lot 1001

Auction: Firearms - Spring 2018
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