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SN 3337d. Cal. 8mm. 26-1/4″ bbl with flash hider. Orig German Maget manufactured receiver with miss-matched SN parts, yet very attractive Pre-86 dealer sample MG-34 with fine condition dark chocolate brown Bakelite buttstock with dark hard composite orig handgrip assembly. Handgrip is AN “36”. just one SN off from receiver. Top cover, bbl shroud, bi-pod, and numerous other parts retain Nazi eagle proof marks. Bbl is also orig Nazi “dot” (Waffenwerk Brunn Mfg)with SN 3972d. Bolt does not match SN. The MG-34 machine gun was designed to be an “all purpose” machine gun, able to be used in an assault role with an attachable basket ammo belt carrier, in a medium machine gun roll from its bi-pod and also in a heavy machine gun roll when placed on a Lafette tri-pod. It also saw applications as an anti-aircraft gun on the appropriate tri-pod, on vehicles both in armor applications as well as scout car and other vehicles. There were even employed on V-Boats when the V-Boats surfaced. As a machined steel belt fed machine gun it is a highly sought collector’s item today. As a Pre-86 dealer sample under current regulations it may be retained personally when a sole proprietor FFL/SOT dealer relinquishes their FFL, making this a very desirable status machine gun for dealers. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This item is transferable ONLY to current FFL/SOT dealers on a form 3. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is fine, with receiver top cover and muzzle booster retaining 90% or better of their orig lustrous blue metal finish thinning to a pleasing gray patina with high edge wear. “dot” shroud has much more of a gray smooth blued finish thinning to a gray patina at the high points with lustrous blue sights and AA sight base. Hard composite grip panels in fine condition with a couple of dings. Brown Bakelite stock in very fine attractive condition with some handling marks. Mechanics are crisp, with very smooth action. Bore is extremely fine, and bright with sharp rifling. This cataloger has seen numerous MG-34 machine guns over the years, this particular specimen opens and closes to change the bbl the best of any of them. The action and spring tension is also among the best of any ever encountered. Who cares if the numbers don’t match in light of these facts! Auction house will hold this gun while you apply for your FFL/SOT license…. 53171-8 JWK (7,500-12,500) C&R – Lot 1019

Auction: Firearms - Spring 2018
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